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NI Web Design Company, Ecclesville Websites and Marketing can help your business succeed in the online world. There are two main types of websites Business Owners in N. Ireland need for their business.  I  can get you found easily and quickly in search engines and your customers will know you are the only business worth using.

The first website every company needs is a Brochure Website, a website that simply states:-

  • who you are
  • where you can be found
  • what services you offer
  • and most importantly how I can contact you


Next up you will want to take payments online for products or services and that needs an E-Commerce Website.  One with a payment gateway and a means to provide information about your products or services all in one online place.

An E-commerce website will allow you to:-

  • pay for appointments or bookings
  • pay for services online
  • sell tickets
  • sell memberships
  • sell products
  • sell monthly recurring solutions


Osmond Maguire from Ecclesville Websites and Marketing is an NI Web Design Company specialising in helping Northern Ireland business owners with their Websites and Digital Marketing.

I can help you with all of these, all you need to do is call Osmond today – 028 8244 0900

NI Web Design Company, Ecclesville Websites and Marketing by Osmond Maguire, Fintona, Omagh

Brochure Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Search Engine Optimisation

Brochure Websites

If you need to get your information out to your customers, clearly and quickly, then there is no better way than to use a Brochure Website.

Put simply, 1 – 5 pages of highly relevant content, the story about you and your business, beautiful images, lovely videos, links to your social media, your location and a means to contact you.

All in one very convenient home on the internet.  No need to talk about your business endless times on the phone, just direct them to your website.

Forget about using business cards and paper brochures, get yourself a nice shiny new brochure website today.

Starting from £750 for a well designed professional site, built for you using your content, images and video.

Stand out from your competition today and get in front of more customers with ease.

E-commerce Websites

If you need to take payments online for you products and services using your website, you will need an E-commerce website.  Showcase your products and services with multiple options and allow your customers to purchase with ease, all online effortlessly.

Today we order food, clothes, and furniture online.  We register and book appointments, we download books, music, and movies.  E-commerce allows us to do this and so much more.

If your business is not using E-commerce then you really are missing out.

E-commerce allows you to sell goods or services, accept orders, take payments, handle the shipping and provide great customer service.

Starting from £1495 for a fully functioning e-commerce website, you can update with ease yourself and start selling tomorrow!

Start taking money online today and grow your business with ease.

Fundraiser Websites

Raising funds for your sports club or organisation is now harder than ever.  With COVID slowing down face to face ticket sales, the easiest way to sell your tickets is online with a custom built Fundraiser / Competition website.

These websites have a very quick impact and take £1000’s of pounds in ticket sales very easily and quickly.

Offering prizes like Motorhomes and Cash alternatives, makes ticket sales very desirable and open to a wider audience than just your club members and supporters.

Teamed up with FaceBook adverts ensures you maximise your reach and make profit quickly, covering your costs.

Starting from £2995  for a fully functioning Fundraiser / Competition website, you can start selling tickets tomorrow!

NI Web Design Company, Ecclesville Websites and Marketing, Fintona, Omagh – owned and operated by Osmond Maguire.

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