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Ecclesville Websites and Marketing

I’m Osmond Maguire your local NI Marketing Expert.  For the last 25 years I have been helping business owners with their websites and marketing, teaching them how to attract new customers and increase sales.

I have spent many years building and marketing brochure websites, e-commerce websites and Competition / Fundraiser websites.  I can provide you with professional web and marketing services at a cost that will not break the bank.

My office is easily located just outside Omagh in Fintona and I am here to help the business community of Northern Ireland.

If you need a website or marketing for your business, you need to chat with Osmond today!



The first website every company needs is a Brochure Website, a website that simply states:-

  • who you are
  • where you can be found
  • what services you offer
  • and most importantly how I can contact you

Next up you will want to take payments online for products or services and that needs an E-Commerce Website.  One with a payment gateway and a means to provide information about your products or services all in one online place.

An E-commerce website will allow you to:-

  • pay for appointments or bookings
  • pay for services online
  • sell tickets
  • sell memberships
  • sell products
  • sell monthly recurring solutions

Marketing to help you attract more Customers

What Marketing should i do for my business? What is a sales funnel?  What is a trip wire campaign?  How do I get more leads?

All of these and more is what I can do for you, it all starts with the problem you solve for your customers and then getting that message on front of the right customers.

Marketing is a big machine that has plenty of moving parts, all designed to get a potential buyer through your sales funnel, and converted from a lead to  a prospect to a customer.

If you need a marketing strategy or a road map on how to carry out effective lead generation – call me today.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, in simple terms is letting Google and other search engines know your website exists and where they can find it on the internet.

I cannot emphasise how important good SEO is to the success of your business.  Every person today Google’s or searches for solutions to their problem or for products and services they need.

If they cannot find you on the first page of Google, do you think they continue to look at page 2 or page 3?

I have been carrying out SEO since the good old dark days of hidden text and keyword stuffing – today SEO is a little more sophisticated and complicated and is all about great quality content and customer experience on your website.

If you are interested in getting ranked and easily found by search engines, then give me a call and we can start your SEO process today.

Marketing and Websites to help your Business get Ahead – talk to Osmond today!
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